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April 19, 2017

April 10, 2017

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Marian Who?

April 19, 2017

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Marian Who?

April 19, 2017



I called my sister as soon as I had found it. 


It wasn't too early in the morning, but it was much earlier than I typically would call just to chat. I worried, as the phone rang, that she might think something was wrong, but I desperately needed a sounding board. I had just stepped out of the shower and completed a Google search.  


I know how odd this "shower to Google" thing sounds, but who can control when ideas come to them. And come on- I can't possibly be the only one who is struck by revelations in the shower!  I know at the very least other stay-at-home moms are with me.


I had been seeking inspiration in all sorts of places for weeks. A name is of the utmost importance and tackling the task of bestowing such a thing is an incredible responsibility. It needed to speak volumes about what I was offering the people of Hampton Roads, the people of the world. This was a new beginning, a big deal- if only to me, and I needed more than "Yoga with Nikki Ortiz."


I had had several failed attempts.  Everything I was drawn to initially was terribly flawed, whether for being too common amongst studios and yoga business across the U.S., hard to pronounce or market, or just down right cheesy. Some words of inspiration even lent themselves to sounding more like a not-so-gentlemenly gentlemen's club rather than a reputable yoga business. (Yikes!) But it was on this day that I had the random idea to search shades of my favorite color.


I went through the process I had adopted in searching, saying a few of the found words out loud.  I scanned the list of blues. Only two really stood out, both of which ironically ended in -ian, like the names of my children, Christian, Julian, and Adrian. I won't even bother telling you the other shade name at this point (a girl must have her secrets after all), but it didn't matter. Marian Blue was the one- I felt it in my bones.  I loved the family ties with the -ian ending, AND I had remembered my obsessive genealogical research revealing a great-grandmother named Marion. Yes, this was definitely the one.


 Still, I took a breath. A feeling in my bones could not vouch for even "the one" without a little research, so off to the trusty search engine I went, saying a little prayer as I typed it in. I had to be assured it wasn't overused or that it was free of alternate meanings according to the Urban Dictionary.  To my relief, I found only the color itself and the following information (provided by the sometimes unreliable Wikipedia)...


"Marian blue is a tone of the color celeste named for its use with the Virgin Mary."


Throughout history, the Virgin Mary was portrayed in art wearing this blue. Well, these were findings I could live with. In fact, I was thrilled, as it provided a subtle hint of my essential and all-important Christian beliefs. What more could I ask for?


I repeated it aloud over and over, feeling the words and testing the flow. And then I took it to my sister, relaying the story to her and rejoicing in her shared excitement. I retold that story a few times that day... to my husband and to my best friend. The consensus was that it was clear I had found the perfect name for this new baby of mine. Perhaps they really thought it was that good, or maybe they just knew it was so...well, just so me. Either way, Marian Blue was born that day, and I have thrown much into her creation since.


My mission is simple; I wish only to share the gift of yoga with love and light, and in Marian Blue Yoga, I seek to accomplish that.  I hope to convey my passion for yoga and its ability to strengthen mind, body, and soul. With every session, with every class, and with my whole heart, I want your own passion for life to be ignited.

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